Samsung Kies – Download Samsung Kies

Transfer Photos and Videos to Your PC
Save those memorable moments and free up space by transferring your photos and videos from your device to Kies.

Keep Your Device Updated
When you connect your phone or tablet to Kies via a USB cable, you will be automatically notified of any available software updates for your device.

Master Your Music Library
Manage your music with the Kies music library.

Back Up Your Device
Back up important content from your device—including contacts, text messages, and more—on your computer, so you can easily restore your content if you ever have to reset your device.

Download Samsung Kies
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What’s is Samsung Kies?

Kies is a lot of things. It’s a way to sync and backup your contacts and device data, it’s a front end for transferring media like music and video between your computer and your phone, and as you’ve noticed, it’s a method to update the device firmware on Samsung phones.

Using it is pretty easy. Install it on your computer (Windows or Mac), then plug your phone in with the provided USB data cable. Kies will find it, and present you with a fairly simple user interface full of things you can do with it. On Windows computers, Kies includes a set of universal device drivers so you don’t have to fool with that, and it will automatically recognize your phone in case you have more than one.

Download Samsung Kies
Back Up your smartphone and be able to recover your data anytime. Synchronize photo and videos with your pc or mac.
Manage you music with the Samsung Kies music library. Samsung Kies is a amazing useful tool every Samsung phone owner should have.
Download your copy today, it’s very easy and takes less then 4 minutes.